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Detox treatment centers give people in recovery a safe and medically supervised process to help them to start recovery. Detoxification, usually called detox, is a process created by medical professionals to clear out drugs and pollutants from the blood. But detox cannot be mistaken for rehabilitation.  It merely prepares a person for rehabilitation, which is the process that helps addicted people recover from their addiction.

Detox can seem scary but it doesn’t have to be. Detox programs take place in a controlled and medically supervised setting which greatly reduces risk and discomfort. In general, “cold turkey” methods aren’t suitable for ending addictions. In truth, cold turkey may be dangerous in many circumstances.  When you stop taking a drug without medical supervision, it can cause dangerous withdrawal symptoms. New Yorkers that try cutting themselves off from drugs on their own are at risk of cardiac arrest and other deadly symptoms. Detox centers make use of professional and safe methods that treat each patient on a case-by-case basis.  This includes offering people a comfortable and healthy place to get clean.  This can also involve medical professionals prescribing medications to help lessen the effects of detox. 

Sadly, over a million people in New York are not receiving the help they need from a detox or addiction treatment center. To talk with someone about detox programs, contact us at 866-382-7393 now! 

What You Can Expect from Detox 

There are three typical stages that most people will experience from the detox system. Most importantly, each individual is evaluated, a step that determines which drug or drugs are present in the client’s body. It is not unusual for addicted people to abuse multiple substances, including alcohol, which can change the detox methods the client requires. 

The detox center then uses proven procedures to remove destructive drugs and substances from the person’s body. However, this detoxification process does not guarantee a full and complete recovery.  Addiction is caused by both physical and psychological dependence. Although detox can end physical addiction to addictive substances, it does little to remove psychological dependence or assist in preventing future relapse. The psychological addiction still needs to be treated. Therefore, we strongly urge clients to continue directly into a rehabilitation treatment program.  In this program, they will be prepared by addiction professionals to overcome addictions and prepare to renter their lives. 

Why Treatment Is Crucial 

Although detox is an important first step for most people who are will complicate rehab if not professionally addressed. When the detox process is finished, people with addictions can find themselves back in triggering situations that may lead them to use it again. Location is a very powerful factor in rehabilitation. Rehab is much more effective when the addicted person can be removed from the surroundings that trigger their addiction. People from New York have access to centers that can create that safe, trigger-free environment.  When detox is complete, programs encourage their clients to proceed directly into a rehab program to begin drug or alcohol rehabilitation treatment. 

Group and individual counseling, 12-step community access, physical activities and hobbies, and relaxing accommodations all contribute to the rehab process. In rehabilitation, clients should have living lodgings that mix all of the advantages of inpatient living facilities with the cost-effectiveness of outpatient treatment. Additionally, clients should keep busy with programs that are made to help them in getting to their life goals beyond just recovery. This helps people understand their addiction and gives them a way to have control over their own urges and actions. 

Take the Initial Step Today! 

Detox is only the first step in recovery and should be followed up with drug or alcohol addiction treatment. Good addiction treatment provides support past this first step.  They want clients to sustain a sober lifestyle after treatment. Detox will briefly improve the health of the body, but it does nothing to address the more pernicious, mental dependence that motivates drug and alcohol abuse. 

Psychological dependence can keep a person in addiction if not treated.  If a person has not learned to deal with their psychological triggers, it is probable that they will return to their addiction. Detox treatment centers that only focus on a detox will not help people remain sober. Instead, they treat people for a few days and then leave them to figure out their recovery on their own. 

An effective addiction treatment center tries to ensure that its clients stay clean and sober forever by treating this psychological factor. They give their clients the tools they require to combat drug and alcohol abuse in the future by handling both physical and psychological dependence. 

These kinds of centers are available for people like you from New York! Take the initial step to sobriety and talk to us at 866-382-7393 immediately!